GoControl (Nortek) GC-TBZ48 Thermostat Automation Issue: Temp Incorrect

Hello, I’m a brand new Smartthings user, grateful for the advice I suspect I’ll get from more experienced/savvy users. Anyway:

I recently installed a GoControl (Nortek) TBZ48 thermostat. It may be relevant to first say that I initially had some trouble getting Smartthings to “see” the thermostat when I installed it. Instead, I selected one of the Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats from the supported devices list, and my non-Honeywell thermostat connected and worked immediately. Maybe relevant, maybe not.

The problem:

While I can manually control the temperature via my Smartthings app without issue, certain automations (be it a scene, mode, whatever) will not set to the specified temperature.

Generally, I’m trying to create automations based on either the time of day or geolocation of my and my wife’s mobile devices that will trigger certain temps. Basically, away and night should be 68º, and there’s a pre-heat automation where it should step up to 70º an hour or two before we get home or wake up, and then a comfy 72º for home.

Oddly, when an automation sets the temperature lower (68º), it works perfectly. But when it is supposed to warm up (either to 70º or 72º) it always sets to 69º instead. That’s to say, it’s always 69º when we wake up or come home. It’s clear that the automation tries to do something, as sets itself 1º higher, it’s just not doing what it’s supposed to do (2-4º higher). It’s almost as if the automation starts but gets interrupted.

I’ve removed/excluded the thermostat from Smartthings and reconnected it multiple times. Even performed a couple factory resets for good measure. I’ve double-checked my Smartthings modes/scenes to ensure there isn’t a competing automation setting it to 69. I’m unsure if this issue is more of a Nortek or Smartthings matter. And I’m not sure what my next troubleshooting step should be.

Thanks in advance for helping a novice.

It may well be due to the device handler. Have you tried other GoControl thermostat handler? I used to use a GoControl thermostat without issue, but I just upgraded to Ecobee for better functions.

Not 100% sure if this is your case, check what cool temperature you set. This thermostat has minimum difference between heat and cool difference (default 3 degrees). Means cool setpoint is at least 3 degree higher than heat, or thermostat push setpoint automatically. It is mentioned in the manual.