GoControl GD00Z-4 and Google Home?

Hi, kind of a newbe here. I have searched and can’t seem to “connect the dots” I am trying to get my Linear GD00Z-4 to be controlled by my Google Home. I was trying to do so in IFTT but when I get to the SmartThings service only some of my devices are listed, my locks and my opener are not listed, did I miss a configuration?

Any help would be appreciated.


You need to create a virtual switch for the garage in the IDE - then you can connect it with IFTTT.

IFTTT and GH don’t support the garage door opener for safety precautions.

Edit - Just to further help – I have two virtual switches, one for close garage and one for open garage. When they turn on the garage opens or closes. Then I have the energy saver smart app turn them off after 2 minutes.

Some people use momentary switches to avoid my second part but sometimes I find them inconsistent.

Sorry for the delayed reply but wanted to say thank you for your help. I did get it working because your help. Although, by then end of the day the unit had failed. :frowning:

I returned it and went with a gogogate2. Although it lacks direct ST integration, it’s set up was fast, it seems robust and has been working like a champ!

Thanks again!


Probably silly question, but here it goes. You have to say OK google, open garage door on (where open garage door) is my virtual switch. Same with closing. Was hoping to create some better way to activate my routine in ST.

So, I think I can do it with IFTTT… Duh.

So IFTTT works ok. The issue is, google home doesn’t like the Open garage door or really any variation (same with close). I have a phrase that will work but not perfect. Open it up and close it up, respectively.

How do you set this up?

I am just curious. What problems are you running into?

I’m curious as well. Can someone post a DIY to create the virtual switch and how to integrate it all? Sorry, I’m a complete noob.

Use this DTH. It adds a switch to the garage door so can be added to google home. Then you can open it by saying turn on and close it by saying turn off. I then set up an ifttt command that turns the switch one when I say open garage and turns off when I say at close garage.

Very newbee here. Thanks for your help. I do have past experience with HAI and such.

I have not set up the IFTTT yet. I have completed all the other steps. I can operate the door with the ST app. The GoControl shows up in Google Home as a switch. I can trigger it through the app or by voice command “Turn (off/on) garage door”. The ST device log shows the command received from google and the device status but the door does not operate.

Any help?

Thanks again

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