Globe shaped bulb

Why on earth are there NO globe shapes bulbs available on the market that work with Smartthings?!
How is that even possible?
I’d like to replace my bathroom lights with them, but they don’t exist!

Have you considered smart switches instead of bulbs? Then you can use any (dumb) bulb that you want.


@Charles_Duke Yep, what @marktheknife said… Use a smart switch instead, you’ll be better off.


This is just physics. Nothing to do with SmartThings, there are no G 25 Wi-Fi bulbs or Bluetooth bulbs either that I’m aware of.

Bulbs get hot and you need to protect the networking radio from that heat. Heat dispersion is a huge issue in smart bulb design.

If you look at the existing networked chandelier bulbs you’ll see that only half of the bulb is actually giving off light. The other half is encased, and the radio is in that part. You’ll also see that they are larger than traditional chandelier bulbs, which is to allow them to give off more light even though a big percentage of the bulb is covered and also helps with the heat diffusion.


But look at the traditional G 25 globe bulb, which is supposed to be giving light across 270°, that’s what makes it different from the chandelier bulb. There’s literally no place to put the radio and protect it from the heat of the bulb.

We may eventually get some bulbs in this format, but right now we don’t have a technology that is cheap enough for regular household bulbs.

I realize you may be looking for the color effects of a smart bulb, and that’s why you haven’t selected a smart switch. In some fixtures you might be able to use the chandelier bulbs, although the look might not be right. Otherwise if you are looking for color effects in the bathroom, you might consider an LED strip above the existing lights.

Sorry I can’t suggest a specific G 25 bulb for you, but again, it’s not a SmartThings issue, it’s a radio issue for now.:disappointed_relieved:


Admittedly, smart switches won’t work for everyone.

No neutral wires in the switch box can be a limiting factor. Although there are ways around that.

Some older smart switches don’t require a neutral, but they’ll only work with incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Lutron’s caseta line of smart switches has a few models that will work with LED/CFL bulbs and don’t require a neutral. But they a proprietary wireless protocol and need their own bridge that connects to your router. There’s an integration that allows your caseta switches to be fully integrated with SmartThings though.

I actually use the caseta switches/dimmers since I have no neutrals in my switch boxes. I like the ST integration a lot; even though its cloud-to-cloud I never notice any significant lag.


BTW, LIFX has just come out with a new RGBW mini bulb which might work for you. It’s smaller across than a standard G25 globe, but it should have a similar aesthetic effect. You just have to try the light pattern to see if it works for where you currently have globe lights.

It’s technically a small A19, like an incandescent 40 W bulb, but it might work in some bathroom fixtures. It definitely doesn’t look like just a regular bare bulb. So just another possibility that might work for some situations.