Github integration broken?

Recently my github integration has stopped working. All apps and DTH installed using github now show nothing under github repository on the main screen but under the app specific settings it does show the correct repository.

any one else having this issue? I searched but couldn’t find anything about it.

This happens when one of the linked repositories is not longer available. You should go through the list of linked Github repositories and verify that they are all still available. If you find one that doesn’t exist any more, remove that from the respective app’s properties and then delete the repository link in the “Settings”

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I just went through all the repos i have entered and they are all still there.
I didn’t check that non of them changed their folder structure or if they removed the specific app i have installed would that matter?

its crazy that one repo breaks the entire system!

I believe so - if it doesn’t find one of the linked apps in a repo the whole thing goes down :frowning2:

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:cry: that really sucks! I guess I should set aside some time tomorrow to go through all my DTH’s and Apps and see if I can find the culprit.

Do you use Rule Machine? That github was removed recently.

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yeah I found that… since Ive been crazy with work recently I haven’t had a chance to follow the happenings for the past month or so. now I’m sad.

At least it has worked for you.
It doesn’t work in the UK and never has.
Also ST will NOT give a diffinitive answer as to when it will be integrated. Terrible customer service.

i think there was some better news last week, either @slagle, @jody.albritton, @Tyler or @alex (Sorry cant remember which of you it was) stated that a completely new version of Github integration was in the works and would be available for everyone, however i cannot find the thread tto link you to it now, but maybe the guys could confirm

[quote=“ahndee, post:2, topic:47022, full:true”] …remove that from the respective app’s properties and then delete the repository link in the “Settings”

I am trying to delete the repository for Rule Machine and I am not sure how to do that. I went into IDE and if I try to open up Rule Machine under the IDE My SmartApps and I get this error

My other smart apps open up fine. Any idea on how to dump the Rule Machine IDE integration.

If I go directly to the Settings where I can see the integration I don’t know how to delete it there. If I hit the delete button I only seem to be able to take off the bottom branch and then even that won’t save?


I’d pinged support, they said “we have a backlog, try the community” - finally it bothered me enough to start searching around.