Getting started with SmartTings and Zigbee for a new device

I am brand new to SmartTings but not new to IoT devices and device handlers for IoT devices. I have a new project that requires the use of SmartThings and a Zigbee interface. I have been going through the documentation (which is excellent so far) but I have a very short schedule to get the hardware working. Is there a simple development zigbee device with example drivers to get me up and running quickly.
I guess basically what I am asking is what is the fastest way to get connect a simple Zigbee device to SmartThings so I can develop device handlers.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does the device use the ZHA (zigbee home automation) profile? And does it only have one endpoint? If so, it should be pretty easy.

If it’s a multi endpoint device it may not be possible.

See the following (this is a clickable link)

I just received a brief outline and have started going through it so I am not sure if this answers what you have asked. These documents were referenced so I am looking for the documents and then will go through them to try to understand the Zigbee specification and the terminology.

I am not sure if it is a single or multi endpoint. I will also look though the link you sent.

Thanks for your help.

Zigbee Cluster Library Specification revision 6 - Zigbee Document 07-5123-06 - 14/01/16|
Zigbee Specification revision 21 - Zigbee Document 05-3474-21 - 05/08/15|
Zigbee ha-home-automation-profile-specification - Zigbee Document 05-3520-29 - 06/06/13|
Zigbee Base Device Behaviour Specification v1.0 - Zigbee Document 13-0402-13-00 - 24/02/16|

I’m sorry, when you said you had previously written device handlers for IOT devices, I assumed you were already familiar with Zigbee and were just asking how to work with SmartThings.