Getting started - monitoring z-wave activity

OK. Shortest answer: those wall controllers won’t work with SmartThings. No way around it. Many people have tried and failed. Search the forums for many long technical discussions, because a lot of people wish they did.

It is possible to initialize the wall controllers with a different primary, like Vera, and then end up with a really weird configuration where the wall controller can control the lights but ST has no awareness of what’s going on. Not what most peopke want.

There is a zone controller that some people have working, but not everyone.

And a nice 3 toggle battery operated switch which has a better form factor than the Minimote for wall mounts. But that’s about it.

Instead, what most people do is use the very nice dashboard called SmartTiles. It can run in any browser, so you can get a cheap android tablet and end up with a really nice looking wall panel controller.