Getting started as a new user... beginning to wonder if this was the right choice

Hue bulbs (no bridge) and an Abode Security system (which is really impressive/reliable etc).

Sole aim is basic automation for security and ease; lighting routines wSanta brought me a V3 Hub with PIR, after lots of research and reading here it seemed like the way to go - I’m not technical enough for Hubitat but do want to have a degree of independence from any one supplier.

I have already 4 Echos (none with hub), various wifi plugs, Hive (old version),hen alarm set when it’s dark, auto heating if phones are heading toward home, sensors outside to trigger indoor lights etc).

I’m not a developer, but I lead large teams building online services (Product Manager), so I have a good understanding of the logic and approaches and am happy to fiddle. I’m the family IT helpdesk, but feeling well out of my depth.

It’s starting to feel like this is a painful journey and has made me realise home automation is still in the early messy period - I suspect a perfect market for Amazon to dominate by simplifying for the average user (wish this wasn’t the case). Wondering whether the kit should go back and I simply wait 6 months for Amazon to deliver more complex IFTT type routines. So far my journey has been;

  • on opening the app I followed the “create an account with Google Login” which returned an “error not supported page”, which was the expectation leveller of what was to follow :frowning:

  • realised I need to buy a bridge for the Hue lights (lots of threads by clearly some really talented and caring contributors on here) - did go down the tunnel of trying to find GLOBAL, which after 30min wasted I found seems to be pulled for now.

  • Result. Got HIVE connected by using this great thread ( not allowed more than two links in my first posts… so removed) many thanks @Alyc100

  • despite searching, unable to find a way to connect the wifi sockets other than via IFTT (I have these sockets )

  • I can’t see a way of linking the Abode alarm, other than via IFTT to ST, which is disappointing as using the Abode Alexa skill, all the sensors are visible in Alexa - so this seems more helpful to me than ST

  • Turned on the ST skill in Alexa, but when following the instructions ( again, not allowed to link… ) my echo refuses to “see” the ST hub. That said, I can see the devices on the Hub, so I suspect this does not matter and Alexa doesn’t need to see the hub individually if it can see the devices on the hub

  • trying to get Alexa working in the ST app has me foxed, despite following the cues in the ST app (see image journey within), I’m not sure if I’m connected or not?! In the setting area of ST it appears in Connected Devices, but when I go to Add Voice Assistant to this location I land at a page that suggests it’s not working…

    Tried power cycling, but no luck. So I suspect ST and Alexa are linked, they show as linked in the Settings area of the ST app, but not in the Voice Assistant area.

  • Any idea what the “N” means on the top left burger icon, is that simply “NEW”?!

Am I being a total dumbass or is ST really not accessible to even someone like myself?!

The hub will not show up as a device in the Alexa app. That integration is cloud to cloud. Only the end devices are listed.

The same is true for the hue bridge, the Lutron Caseta smartbridge, the Harmony hub, the Wink hub, etc. The controlling device doesn’t show up in the Alexa list of devices, only the end devices.

So that part’s fine. :sunglasses:

I don’t know much about the new V3 app yet as it only recently became voice accessible, so hopefully others will be able to help you with that.

The “N” in the top left means you have Notices. Click on the three horizontal lines next to the N and that sub menu will open and you can get to your notices from there. (Among other things, the details about a mobile app update will generate a notice.)

I’ll post more about the larger question in a minute.

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There is no abode/smartthings integration except by using either Ifttt or echo as a “man in the middle.“

For example, you could have an echo routine (not a smartthings routine) so that an abode sensor being triggered would then turn on a virtual switch in SmartThings and you could have that switch coming on be the trigger for pretty much anything smartthings can do.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

That said, we need more details about what you think smartthings can do for you that abode cannot. Abode works with many of the same devices, in particular as far as lights, so I’m just not sure what you think you’re gaining by adding smartthings to the mix. So it’s hard to say whether it would be a good match to your needs or not.

As far as the Wi-Fi sockets, there is no standardised Home Automation profile for Wi-Fi, every manufacturer makes up their own commands. See the FAQ for the options if the device is not listed in the app as already having an integration:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

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Wow, thanks for the fast response @JDRoberts

I did find your guide to virtual switches that I’m using to try and bridge Abode via IFTT. My aim is for ST to be “told/aware” of all the outputs Abode shares via IFTT, which is sensor state, alarm state etc. Ultimately this will enable me to write a routine like; IF alarm is set as HOME (overnight) then if another ST sensor detects movement (one of us forgetting the alarm is set), then trigger some lights, or the classic, if alarm goes off, turn all lights on.

After creating my virtual switches ( at ) they appear in the ST app but don’t appear as things I can switch via IFTT in the IFTT service. Is there a delay in updating? Maybe I have confused things here… what ever, I cannot see any of the new virtual switches I created in IFTT.

Discovering the api url was like stumbling across a whole new world - this is barely mentioned by Samsung in any materials, but seems vital.

FAQ: Creating a virtual Device ( in this guide you suggest using SIMULATED SWITCH, I am guessing more simulated items have been added since you wrote the guide and that I’m best to select the one nearest to the item I’m using as the trigger?, I’m using SIMULATED CONTACT SENSOR). Maybe there is something odd in my setup, when I log in I get messages telling me I need to claim my hub

(did have two images, but only able to post one…) but I can get around this by clicking via My Locations and My Home.

The “N”, ahhh, thank you. Wonder why they didn’t use the globally accepted “*” to indicate something new.

I’ll stop looking for the hub, I only did so as it was mentioned on the formal ST guide!

Thank you once again… it’s 2am now, I’ll rejoin tomorrow!

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Also, since it needs to be asked… What country is the address you are using for your smartthings hub? And what’s the full model number, including the suffix? ( it should be on a label on the bottom)

You cannot control alexa devices from within ST. That’s not how it works.

You have to grant access for each device you want IFTTT to be able to be seen from ST before you can write an applet.

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Well, not without an auxiliary SmartApp such as Echo Speaks. With it, well that’s another story…

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thanks @saosinx88 that makes sense, now managed to do this

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I’m based in London, UK.

IM6001-v3p02 (I’ve no idea what this means, good or bad?!)

OK, that’s good. That’s the UK version of the hub. (The device selection does vary and some features are region-locked.)

However…as far as I know, Abode is not made in an EU model. Only North America. That means you can’t use zwave devices made for the UK with it, although you should be alright with zigbee and with Abode’s own proprietary sensors which operate on a different frequency altogether.

Is that why you haven’t found a lighting solution for it?

Also…do you use an android phone or an iPhone or ?

The “N” also designates new Messages since the update two weeks ago. I find it quite annoying