Getting Sonoff SNZB-01 to work locally

For those reading this thread who are unfamiliar with what is going on, when a DTH is set to run locally it isn’t simply a case of the hub running the Groovy code instead of the cloud. It is more that the hub firmware includes some native device handlers and those are being used instead.

It never used to be possible to set a custom DTH to run locally and doing so gave error messages on saving which was rather confusing if they were new to you. Things changed to allow light tweaking around the edges of stock handlers. Things like adding metadata for a device presentation (definitely), fingerprints (possibly?) or installation and update code that remained in the cloud (wild speculation).

The negative is that you reach a point where your changes are not compatible with running locally. If you change the device name or namespace from the stock handler the hub won’t have a scooby what to do and will just run default code which may or may not be useful. If you mess with the business end of the code then you are wasting your time as it won’t be used.


I see! And do I have to delete the “old” device? Like, delete it, then rematch with this edge driver?

Edge is still in Beta and changing rapidly.

At one point you did have to delete the device, but I think now you can just rescan. But I don’t know for sure, @Paul_Oliver or @orangebucket would have a much better idea.

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Yes, you need to delete the button then repair it with the hub.


So, sorry for the delay but covid booster held me down for a couple days.

I did install the driver, then deleted the old DTH, which now has the button work off of the driver, however, it still says it’s running on cloud, and on top of that battery level isn’t displayed… is it normal?

It also has no Zigbee ID nor Device Network ID

The IDE does not show much information for devices with Edge Drivers other than Placeholder.

The IDE also shows them as cloud devices with is NOT correct. They truly are local.

Battery levels usually show up in a few hours or the next day at most.

So what you are seeing is normal.

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Battery level now shows, and I assume the lack of information is due to the Edge Drivers being in beta?

Also, is there any Edge Driver for SNZB-04? Since I’m using that one, however it’s gone offline a few days ago and hasn’t returned online ever since. Plus, if I can use Edge Drivers it’s even better, seeing as they’ll be the future from what I understand

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has an Edge driver that works with the SNZB-04.

The IDE is going away soon with the Groovy platform, so I am assuming that no effort was made to get Edge Devices working with the IDE


I see, I hope he’ll post it soon then! Though mine seems to be not working at all at the moment, so I may have to nurse it back to life first

Hear is his link. SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

He did a lot of work to get it working properly.


@Paul_Oliver, @Xtremethegamer

You can use the Zigbee Contact Mc driver.
It has embedded the code for the Sonoff device.


Oh, I see, thank you! Though, I think mine is dead, so I’ll have to return it :confused: Either I got a faulty one, or I was given a dead battery, which seems unlikely… I’ve been trying to get it into pairing mode for the last hour without success. Any other good door sensors that are compatible with the aeotec hub directly?

I think it is more that the IDE is part of a legacy platform which has no understanding of any devices integrations except Groovy DTHs and the native handlers in the hub. It is probably not worth trying to pass back information that is not necessary.