Getting back into the game, long post

I think that’s just a question which will have different answers for different people. There are certainly a lot more options available now than even a year ago. Alexa routines and some limited voice processing have greatly added to the options with just that system.

Apple HomeKit has added quite a few things over the last two years, including some pretty amazing camera features. They don’t have local voice processing, but everything else, including the camera facial recognition, can run locally

Abode has added HomeKit compatibility and always had tight security system integration.

Hubitat has grown significantly and seems pretty well established as a local processing homeseer alternative For those who want Zigbee as well as zwave. Plus excellent Lutron integration, and of course it can run a lot of the groovy code developed for smartthings. Like Homeseer, though, it’s not a plug and play system, and also like Homeseer its app UI is still pretty primitive compared to, say, HomeKit or abode. But sharptools does work with it now, and that’s a nice dashboard interface.

Smartthings is still in the middle of a big transition to a new platform, and it’s just not yet clear exactly how everything is going to work, as you can tell from the current announcement topics.

Get ready to make the switch!

(Personally, I still haven’t gotten any answer as to how virtual switches can be created in the new platform and whether you will have to set up as a developer to add one .)

So I’m not sure exactly what to say. It’s clear that smartthings will continue to offer a lot of power and flexibility, and of course if you have a Samsung smart appliance or smart television you’ll have to use it for some things. But beyond that it’s just hard to evaluate right now. We should know a lot more in six months, but I know six months is a long ways away.

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