Get ready to make the switch!

New incident in Americas now on the status page

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Same here. Smartapps won’t even load for me and it shows I don’t have any installed.

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Update: Reminder - migrated Friday - all of my cloud based alarmserver devices broken hard - support never contacted me back. Sunday I manually removed all the alarmserver devices and rebuilt clean - fixed and now working. All good.

Sunday evening I then proceeded to upgrade the Alexa integration - I’m extremely annoyed that there is no longer a way to restrict or limit the smartthings devices that import into Alexa. So instead it imported everything and I then had to manually access every device that I didn’t want in Alexa via the Alexa app interface and disable them.

Sunday evening - everything working again.

Monday two other direct integrations: Honeywell and Ring both randomly stopped functioning and I just got a notice that the integration “… disconnected from SmartThings, because the access credential was changed or was lost…” I proceeded to remove the integrations for both from the old app and then re-implement the integrations via the new app and both are now functional again.

Definitely not a seamless transition for a system that has been working with near zero maintenance for well over 18 months.

Interestingly, my hub and automations do not appear to be affected by the outage today so I guess there is that.

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I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere but I can’t remember where - When does the Classic app quit working??

14 October 2020

Thanks! I’ll mark it in my calendar to mourn the loss :smiley:


I’m having problems all of the time these days. Most specifically that scenes fail to handle thermostat control reliably and that everything is slower since moving to the new app.


I’m having trouble finding the Z-Wave Replace function in the New App - has this been function been decommissioned?

(Just had a door sensor that stopped responding so did exclude, re-add but had to spend about 10 minutes or so adding all the automations back to it)

Yes it seems the Replace button is gone.

I just did the transition, only had 4 automations. The transition completed ‘successfully’. But the new app automation points at presence sensors that don’t ‘exist’. Except they do, of course.

It is treating presence sensors as a general device and I had to manually repair each of the 4 automations the transition created.

As it sees it as a device instead of a presence sensor the ‘after x minutes’ options are no longer available. They are available to mobile presence.

It’s a mess! I had a very simple home to transition and it’s a 4/4 failure rate on automations.

@blake.arnold Can you give us updates on the fixes for these from 8 month ago?


Automations with a presence condition only seem to work half of the time if you are lucky too.

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This is getting to be horrible and I’m about to just give up and switch. Support has been useless if they even get back to you.
I spent my morning writing an automation so that I can get a notification if I left my garage door open after it has been opened for 5 minutes. This used to be a default automation in the old app but was removed in the new app. Anyways, because the link support sent me I wrote it for the old app. Now that I want to move it to the new app I see that I have to get aws lambda or jump through hoops on my website? This is 1 step forward and 15 steps back.


FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)

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Me too. Years of ups and downs and I’ve never so close to pulling the trigger on a Hubitat hub. Only thing holding me back is I’m already at my limit at dealing with home automation and re-pairing all of devices and automations in a new ecosystem is too much to contemplate.

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@Guy1992 @Jeff_H report it to so they can fix it. If enough folks report it they’ll prioritize it.

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This looks like it should work but again the point is these are steps back where there is another ecosystem to manage instead of just being able to do it natively in the app like you used to be able to do until dumbthings removed it.


I know I’ve given up. Stripped my ST hub down to be a basic Z-wave / Zigbee controller, letting other things handle the automations until my Hubitat gets here. Been here since the start, but this was the final straw. ST support has been garbage and takes way to long to get an agent who is capable to actually help with something more advanced then just uninstalling/reinstalling the app. This migration was a joke and should have never been pushed on us until it could handle everything we could already do.


I purchased a Hubitat C7 a few weeks ago and am in the process of migrating. I was a long term SmartThings user and really loved this system, but I’m sad to say I’ve lost faith in it, and in the direction the owners are taking it. Frankly, the first couple of days after I got the Hubitat I though I had made a mistake. It takes some getting used to! But now after several weeks I couldn’t be happier, and seeing and experiencing all of the latest ST outages and this complete mess of a migration, and knowing there are much bigger and messier migrations to come next year… I’m glad I’m out. I hope in a few years the growing pains are over and I can consider using whatever ST has morphed into sometime in the future. But for now I see only retrograde steps, upsets, outages, and frankly nothing that makes me feel excited. With Hubitat I see a team of enthusiasts, an exciting product, and a sense of direction. It feels fun again.