Generic Z-Wave contact sensor

All (or at least the majority) of my windows and doors have magnetic sensors already installed. I also have existing PIR movement detectors scattered around the house that are either wired into the existing alarm or used to switch on lights. Therefore, what I am looking for is a number of Z-wave (or ZigBee) sensors that report when a contact changes state. I can then setup rules (turn on lights, play music etc) in response to those changes.

Anyone have any suggestions (incidentally, I am in the UK)



Ihave a couple of sensative strips fitted.
They are z wave and working OK. Not cheap though.

There might be an option to integrate your alarm panel directly…That is what I was able to do with an evl4 for $100us and ended up with 28 devices (contact sensors/smoke/co/glass breaks and motion). Look up your panel model number.

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