Generate QR code for exisiting ST sensors

Hi there, wondering if it is at all possible to generate QR codes for existing ST sensors connected to my ST hub?

We’ve had to relocate a few of the sensors and in doing so have damaged some of the qr code stickers on the back. The sensors are still connected, but if they ever need to get reset then I suspect I wont be able to re-join them without the QR code, so is it possible to generate a copy of the QR joining code while still connected to the hub either via the app or web interface?

Another related question. I’m wanting to add in the QR/pin for devices on my system that were never properly authenticated. I don’t see a way to do this short or removing and re-installing the device.

If your on android, there are plenty of apps to read and produce QR codes - use one of those.

its not the code that I need to generate. I can access those, but as far as I can tell, I can’t “add” the code to ST once the device has been included, without excluding and re-including it?