General Migration from ST DTH to ST Edge Drivers

I believe a couple of users experienced the same issue with the TriSensor so you are not alone. Probably not the device I would suggest starting with. :slight_smile:

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Here’s my device inventory. 36 physical devices are shown below with 34 installed and paired. My count is off for some of these as the total should be 46 physical devices. I need to prepare a more accurate inventory. But I’ve included at least one of each device running on the network which is the important thing.
4 x Honeywell (Jasco) wall switch 39348
8 x Honeywell (Jasco) wall dimmer
4 x Honeywell (Jasco) plug-in dimmer module 39339
2 x Honeywell Plus Outdoor On/Off Light and Appliance Switch 39346
2 x Enbrighten (GE) Smart Receptacle 55256
3 x Aeotec Nanomote, 4-button (2 paired as ED, 1 paired as DTH)
3 x Aeotec MultiSensor 6
1 x Aeotec TriSensor (one more has been purchased but not installed)
1 x Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7
1 x Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7
1 x Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor (not yet installed)
1 x GoControl Door/Window Sensor WADWAZ-1
1 x Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Door/Window sensor DWZWAVE2.5-ECO
1 x GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Heavy Duty 40 Amp Smart Switch, Indoor/Outdoor
1 x FortrezZ MIMOlite
4 x Virtual Switch
1 x Sonos Play: 5

It appears that Jasco is now retailing its products directly under the “UltraPro” brand.

That is good news. When you say a “replacement app,” how will that work? Do I need to load a separate app? Is it a new component of the existing Samsung ST app?

How did you get yours migrated to test?

I knew WebCoRE was dead. Fortunately, my three pistons are “nice to haves,” not mandatory. Two handle lighting randomization and it’s not a huge loss if I lose those. The other one deals with smooth transition to/from daylight savings time / standard time (I’m not sure if that will still be needed. I think that was needed only for WebCoRE.) So preserving the WebCoRE automation is not sufficient justification to switch to HE.

Yes, these are WiFi thermostats with existing integrations. I use the Honeywell “Home” app to manage the programming of the thermostats and putting them into “Vacation” mode. I’ve got a Honeywell security panel that has a built-in Z-Wave hub, but it is not Plus and has limited programmability, so I’ve never used it as a Z-Wave hub. I have been meaning to try to set up a slave hub, but that seemed complicated, my Samsung hub would have to be a slave to the Honeywell hub, and I never got around to it. So we have to separately put the security system into “Armed Away” mode (sets thermostat back and arms security) and the Z-Wave system into “Vacation” or “Away” mode (more randomized lighting automation when we are away). It isn’t that big a deal to “arm” the two different systems.

@jkp @csstup @Andrew_Bartlett Thanks for your help. What do I do about the virtual devices? I’ve got four, two dealing with low-light levels from the Multisensors that (I think) activate scenes. I can’t remember why I had to use virtual devices as an intermediary to do this. Two other virtual devices are for setting Christmas Season and Fountain Season (summer) so I can suspend some routines and activate others. For example, “Christmas Season” dims the porch lighting and turns on the Christmas lighting. When we put the Christmas lighting away, I turn off that virtual switch, and the Christmas lighting switch isn’t activated and the porch lights are brought up to regular nighttime brightness.

Everything on your list looks like it would work just fine with built in Edge drivers. Those should (will?) automatically migrate over without you having to do anything. The only one I don’t know about is the Nanomote and the Sonos devices.

If you want to go one by one, you can compare your devices to a list that community folks have been trying to keep up to date. Its a good starting point.

Jasco licensed the GE/Honeywell name and sells Zwave/Zigbee products under the Jasco, GE Embrighten, and Honeywell UltraPro names. They’re all very similar products. They make devices for other companies too (Control4’s lower end line of dimmers for example).

Its within the SmartThings mobile app, yes. Excuse the use of the word “app”, its a carry over Smart Lighting being a SmartApp.

You can use it right now. Under Automations, +, Create Routine, Discover tab at bottom, Scroll down to bottom of Discover list - see “Smart lighting” (with lower case L in lighting). Thats the replacement for the old Smart Lighting smartapp. You can recreate your routines, or they will migrate over for you automatically over the following weeks.

I’ve had no issues with DST conversions on ST the last few years.

Those will be fine.

You won’t want to integrate those at the hub->hub level. ST can be a secondary zwave controller, but its not recommended. ST will accept adding secondary zwave controllers, that works just fine. But your security panel likely won’t work in that fashion (most are required to be primary for UL conformance) and I’ve found that stuff limited usage at best. Keep your security system separate from your smart home. You may be able to integrate Honeywell to SmartThings thru the cloud via TC 2.0.

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ST supports built in Virtual devices under the new framework. A few options:

  • Under the mobile app you can add virtual switches provided by ST.
  • There are a range of virtual devices that you can add via a community provided API tool, with the “devices” themselves being provided by ST.
  • There are several community provided virtual device Edge drivers you can easily install.
    [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

You won’t likely have any issues with your virtual devices and they MAY even migrate over automatically.

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That’s good news about everything on my list. I tried to buy mainstream devices.

I’ve already manually migrated two of the NanoMotes. One of them somehow got into pairing mode and I had to reset it to factory. Then I was able to use the Aeotec ED to re-pair it. I did the two units we have in our nightstands. I’ve got a third still running Groovy DTH, but I know I can migrate it now.

I was unaware of that list. Thanks. That’s probably a very useful resource for me.

I’ve got lots of Honeywell and GE devices. I had to deal with warranty claims directly with Jasco and they were very good to work with. Very helpful and quick response people. I got a few warranty replacement units from them. I’m impressed with the company.

I looked around in “Create routine” a few days ago and I don’t think I saw much there then. It looks like the functionality there has greatly expanded. I didn’t know that “Smart lighting” (lower case L) was in there. There must be some dynamic location-aware customization going on because the last item on my list is “SmartSense by Idaho Farm Bureau.” We live in Idaho and that’s the location of the hub.

Will “Smart Lighting” automations automatically migrate to this new “Smart lighting” location?

Yes, now I remember that the Honeywell security panel hub had to be primary and the ST hub secondary. That put me off and I decided against even trying that. I didn’t realize that was for UL conformance, but that makes sense. I will continue as I have been doing with lighting and security separate. It really hasn’t been a big deal.

You’ve been MOST helpful, Corey. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. I’m feeling a lot better about the migration after getting your input tonight.

I’ve got a few things to research based on your recommendations. Thanks again!


I don’t recall what triggers it being available, other than US region. It just showed up for me.

Yep, thats what they’ve been beta testing is the migration between the old SL and the new. In the meantime others have just started using “Smart lighting” on their own.

There’s still outstanding questions about what happens when the IDE is finally gone, what we still can’t do for Edge devices without it. But overall I think most people around here are just going to wait it out and see how the migration goes.

Reading thru the FAQ section may help.

I posted this the other day that itemizes the things we still don’t have when moving from DTH->Edge and/or losing the IDE.

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The IDE is a great, feature-rich, powerful environment for configuring and managing systems. It may not be the most intuitive app in places, but it sure brings together everything you need under one roof.

I’m absolutely shocked they would kill that and not have something as elegant and powerful to replace it. It feels like a huge step backwards.

Is there something fundamental about the architecture of everything running locally on the hub that precludes having such a tool?

Your list of what so far is missing in the ED world is excellent. It’s a shocking list and indicates a huge step backward. It is also shocking that Samsung is not clearly addressing the whole migration plan and telling the community which features will not be needed, which will be deprecated, what the new world will look like, etc. I feel like one of the blind me trying to figure out the elephant.

On top of all this, where and how does “Matter” fit in? Does Matter mean yet another such transition will be coming up?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think Jasco is the designer and manufacturer. They are not licensing the GE, Honeywell, etc name. Rather GE, Honeywell and others OEM the Jasco products and sell the products under their own brand name.

It sure is a convoluted UI path to get to the new “Smart lighting” (lower case “L”) section:

  1. Automations tab
  2. Plus sign “+”
  3. “Add routine” drop-down menu
  4. “Discover” tab
  5. “SmartApps” (scroll to very bottom to find it)
  6. “Smart lighting”
  7. “No item” displayed
  8. Click plus sign “+”
  9. FINALLY! “Add lighting routine”

I just struggled several minutes to find my way back here. It is buried so deeply that, for a while, I thought an overnight update might have deleted it.

Could they have made it more difficult to get there? I’ll have to store my finding above somewhere for future reference.

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It’s always been a licensing agreement, where Jasco licenses the names of big brands, including GE and Disney, and then relabels some of the Jasco devices under those names. It’s a common industry practice in HVAC and plumbing, including for water heaters.

They have a similar arrangement with Honeywell:

The other way to do it is what Tuya does, where they are an OEM to client companies like Moes and Zemismart. That’s probably what you were thinking of.

Matter will be another way to integrate other companies’ devices into SmartThings. This will be through Edge Drivers for some devices. There are already a few Matter Edge Drivers in development, although there are as yet no end devices to test them with.

No one has said as yet what will happen to devices that offer both an existing integration AND a Matter integration, like the Philips Hue hub, so no telling how transition might work. It may vary from model to model.