Gender reveal party success!

I never saw this before until I did today. With CoRE and two SmartThings Outlets, I made a smart home gender reveal. I had a Xmas tree with blue light plugged into a smart outlet and a pink light plugged into a seperate smart outlet. Setup the lights to turn on and off so many seconds randomly. Then at a certain time both lights would turn on and then after 1 min the light remaining on would be the gender. Was a total success! Thank you to @ady624 and the whole community for all the continued contributions :slightly_smiling_face: Its a boy!


Nice! And congratulations! :sunglasses::tada::family_man_boy:

That has to be one of the coolest reveals. If you had Phillips HUE it would have been awesome to have that flash blue when the tree stopped. Congrats!

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memes are too hard im leaving now

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:joy:too funny

i wanted to do but only way i thought was with a light strip and my wife didnt want bc the one wire not looking traditional

@rangelsammon Congratulations once again!! This was a cool idea.

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Congrats, where is the video?!!

Also, did you know the sex ahead of time to do the programming or someone did this for you?

i have to find the video from someone else but we didnt know beforehand. i coded it with CoRE and made the ending sequence easy enough for someone as a instructed them to finish the last sequence. i gave them the paper with the gender and all done🙂


Great idea! Love it. Can’t wait to see the video. We did our reveal for our first kid 5 years ago with a cake, and with my second kid with balloons out of a box, but this takes it to another level!!

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I needed this idea 3 months ago for my newest & last grandkid. We just did the 2 big balloons with blue or pink confetti inside. I"m always behind on these great ideas. :grinning:

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That is awesome. Also, headphone warning.

EDIT: The iMovie is hard.

piston pic. Pink light was setup same except for Or IF has pink turning off affer the delay.