Flash lights?

Is there anyway to flash the lights connected to a z wave switch? Essentially toggle the state 2 or 3 times (state1/state2/state1/state2/state1) when something happens, garage door opens, etc.

I’ve been looking for something like this also,

I would like to have my lights change from their StartState,RED,StartState,RED,StartState when I get an gmail message with a particular label/tag.

For the GMail aspect, you’d need to use IFTTT along with something like CoRE.

I have my Blooms and Lightstrips go yellow when I receive an email stating I have a package ready for pickup at UPS using the GMail IFTTT channel.

I have a virtual switch setup that gets turned on when a new GMail message meeting that criteria comes in.
I then have it set up in CoRE so that when that switch comes on, it will turn my lights to the specific color. I have multiple ones of these (for new text, missed calls, new FedEx package, etc).

CoRE can also flash the lights, so it will do what you need.

Thanks, I was able to do what I wanted with CoRE.

oh great this is exactly what I want. I am completely new to all of this. do you have a link or a starting point for me to setup CoRE

CoRE is really cool. Can do pretty much anything you can think of and paired with other things like IFTTT, it can take your HA to a whole new level.

Here is the Piston that I created to Flash All Lights. I made a Virtual Button that triggers the Piston and use the Button for various HA task. Oh yeah, the lights be flashing if things are not completed in a timely manner. Not so much now! LOL.

The first part is to capture the state the lights were in before the flash.
The second is to tell how long to keep on and off during flash and how many times
The last bit is to restore the lights to their states before the flash

Don’t worry about the followup Piston in the Then portion. It’s for another Piston that sometimes get out of wack when the lights flash.


Go to the CoRE subforum (SmartApps -> CoRE) and look for the “CoRE for Dummies” thread … that should get you started.