Gecko in.touch.2 WiFi spa controller?

Googled and searched exhaustively…anybody hook this device up to ST yet? I saw cloud control which has a very similar app, but would be different authentication…anyway, would love to be able to use webCore to use “if the spa is ON” conditions, but ST needs to see it first.

The in.touch.2 native app has tons of capability and more than I need for my ST integration needs

No, but I’ve got it working with homeassistant :slight_smile:

Hey Tim, so for someone like me who can’t create DHTs, but can drop them into ST IDE I doubt that helps?

Anyway I can run curl or command line commands on my server to communicate? I could probably make that work with ST…

I’m afraid it doesn’t have a REST API. Someone wrote a python module to interface to it GitHub - gazoodle/gecko-home-assistant: Home Assistant integration for spas equipped with Gecko Alliance in.touch2 modules

I don’t know how invested you are with ST but a few months ago I bought a Pi and installed HA. There is an ST integration so all my zigbee sensors appear in HA. I moved everything else over (Hue, Hive, Yeelight, scenes, automations) I’ve not really looked back (apart from occasionally lurking on this forum - LOL) There’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s far more customisable than ST.

Currently I’m recording my hot tub temps into Grafana with a view to creating an automation which decides the best time to turn the heater on, based on the outside temperature

Maybe I will load the python module and write a script on my PC using output from the module to update a virtual device via webCore. Do you know if running status using the python module every 5 minutes to get spa attributes would have any ill effects on the in.touch.2 interface (or spa for that matter)?

Yeah, that might work. The python module gives you an interactive shell to talk to the spa - you’d need some sort of wrapper for that

As for multiple calls, I imagine the controller board in the spa is constantly monitoring temp, pump status etc so you’d just be querying that. I wouldnt want to change (increase temp, toggle pump) constantly though but it doesn’t sound like you need that

I did this and it is working awesomely!

I installed the python geckolib on my 24/7 server.
I wrote a python script that runs every 5 minutes, polls the spa via the geckolib and then sends the values to webCore. Now I have a virtual switch that represents any pump running on my spa and global variables for everything I want access to in webCore (ie setpoint temp, actual temp, heater status and time stamp of data). Thanks for the suggestions!

that’s cool. I’m pleased you got it working. I never got as far as looking at webcore before moving stuff to HA. Wouldn’t mind taking a look at the script though if you don’t mind sharing ?