Hot tub monitoring


(Matthew) #1

Couple things on this. We just put a new hot tub in from Hotsprings. It does have the wifi connection option (I won’t have that setup for a few days. So first has anyone done any integration with this? I don’t know what is possible from it yet, but would be cool to show that info in ST.

The second thing and most important is I want to do a sensor on the cover to get alerted when it is opened or left opened. Does anyone know of any sensor type that would work for this? I can power it from inside the hot tub,but not really sure how or what type of sensor would work/last/be feasible.

This is what the cover looks like, any ideas?

(Dave Blanchard) #2

I have the wifi connection from Gecko on ours but looks to be a closed system. If you are able to get this working I would be interested. with ours we are setting programs and I can turn it up or down anywhere in the world

(Matthew) #3

Ya that is what I should be able to do with ours. Monitor and control temp, monitor the salt system, lock and unlock the control panel, schedule clean cycles, etc. Basically everything I can do from the tub. I would really like to be able to monitor it through a Smart tiles page, and do more alerting based on different things. They will be out later this week to install it, I will see what comes up from that.


(Cody Truscott) #4

I use a zwave tilt sensor (garage door) on the cover. Opening the cover turns on the jets & lights.

(Matthew) #5

Ahh that is a good idea. How do you turn on the jeds and lights? Did you rewire the control panel for that?

(Ed) #6

About the spa cover, I pulled a post did for another thread. It had worked well over the past few months.

I have done this with the ST Multi sensor. Our hub is indoor and we have twin 6yos. So I what to know when the tub opens. Currently the sensor is in a dime bag attached to the under side of the hot tub cover. in the fold between the two pieces of the cover. magnet on one side and sensor on the other. These are attached using 3M wet applications command strips. it works, but is still temperamental. Problems: the Temp is like 6-8% low (corrected in the UI but not optimal) and the bag shifts a little and the bag is not a tight fit. Potential solutions: embed the sensor in hot-glue copper or aluminum heat sink that dangles to the water. I have done the hot glue trick with other electronics and can set it up to replace the battery quickly, I don’t want to kill the sensor or the signal. I already have 2 walls, 20 feet and 3 inches of foam.