GE Zwave plus dimmer switch, can it be used as a on/off switch

Id like to know if there is a way to set the GE dimmer switch to only work as an on/off switch? I have bulbs I want to use that are on/off only and would like the option to dim if I end up changing them.

@bhollehday no idea how to stop the switch from dimming when holding the buttons but you can create a virtual switch that is mirrored in both directions with your switch.

Or you could delete the Dimming elements in a custom driver in groovy but that won’t work after the transition is completed. What about generic z wave switch in the ide?

Not familiar with using the IDE or using groovy, but I read somewhere that the GE zwave dimmer can be used as an on/off switch rather then a dimmer. Was hoping it would be simpler.

You can try this:

@bhollehday try this, as @philh30 said.

If it doesn’t work, go to the ide and change Ge switch to generic z wave switch and see how that goes. Holding the switches buttons will still dim though.

I’ve had that post bookmarked for a while but hadn’t tried it out before, but just did on a new (purchased last month) GE Enbrighten 46203. The 5 on - 5 off procedure changes the physical switch to be on/off only, and the light instantly turns on/off with no ramp up/down. The physical switch is no longer able to dim the light.

The 5 on/off does not affect how the dimmer behaves over zwave. It will still dim through the app, and it still ramps up/down when turning on/off. Changing to a switch-only DTH in the IDE eliminates the option to dim through the app, but doesn’t change the ramp up/down effect. There might be a way to change that through device settings though if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

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