GE Zave Dimmer causing buzzing Breaker

Ok so an odd post. I recently moved into a new house and replaced some recessed lights with LED recessed lights and a Zwave dimmer switch. The odd thing is when I dim the lights below 80% the AFCI in the garage sub panel will buzz and the 50a/240 will buzz in the main panel that feeds the sub. Do I have a bad switch or a bad AFCI? How can I get that dimming switch so that it never dims?


p.s. I have contacted an electrician and am awaiting a call back.

It’s not unusual for the switch itself to buzz, but for breakers to buzz sounds not good. I’d first try a different bulb (an incandescent if you can) to see if things still buzz. I suspect the problem is in your bulbs, not your switch or breakers.

The decision from the electrician was to replace the AFCI with a standard breaker.