GE Z-Wave wall switch and bathroom exhaust fan

Will a standard GE Z-Wave light switch (ON/OFF) work with a small bathroom exhaust fan?

Got 3 GE on/off switches working my washroom fans for couple of years without issue and since you are an electrician. I am not going to go into detail about those stuffs.


Works fine for me. I also have 3. They are just simple on/off switches with no speed control.

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I wasn’t sure as some fans create electrical noise. Great to hear it will work, as this will complete my CO2 elimination system.

I’ve got 8 fart fans running on the standard GE switches and they work great. :slight_smile:

Aren’t most bathroom fans run off of a 20 amp breaker? At least the ones with included heaters are. I don’t think you can be up to code and use a 15 amp z-wave switch.

I have my exhaust fan running on a motion/humidity piston and although it works fine I can definitely say that I have LED lights that bloom or flash when the inductive load cuts out.

Some are on 20 Amp breaker but most are often 15 Amp.

I wasn’t worried about the amperage, as this fan is small on a shared circuit. I was more worried about motor noise affecting the switch.

Luckily fan electrical noise doesn’t seem to bother the switches at all. I forgot I have one Linear WS15 switch working perfectly as well.

Good to know as when I started in the automation business, we had to put line filters fro the BSR-10 system.

I think its only the ones with the built in heaters are on 20-amp circuits. at least in my homes, the combination light/vent/heat units are on dedicated 20-amp. The regular fart vents are on common lighting circuits.

Not a problem for me as mine is just a dumb fan, very low amperage.