GE Z wave switch stops working after 10 seconds

Hi all,

I am new to the smart home gear. I just got two GE Zwave light switches for my birthday. I installed one to our living room lights and it’s working perfectly. However, the second switch is acting really weird. I am trying to connect it to my out door flood and patio lights. When I get it wired up and turn the power back on it works for about 10 seconds. Then the light shut off, but the switch is still responsive. I can hear it clicking and the blue light goes on and off as I toggle the switch from on to off. I though it was a faulty switch, but I tried it on another light next to it and no issue. I am really confused on what is going on. Any thoughts or suggestions?

What you are describing is almost always an overload situation. The switch is switching itself off for safety reasons.

Check the specifications on the exact model of switch you bought and on the lights that you are trying to control with it. Many outdoor floodlights are quite high in wattage and you may have exceeded the capacity of the switch.

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The light switch is a GE 14291. That switch does control a lot of lights (front door light, flood light, and two side lights on the side of the house). This might be a dumb question but what is the best way to figure out the total wattage load?

The bulbs should have the wattage written on them, so just add them up.


So I went a totaled up the wattage and on all the bulbs (3 led bulbs at 3.4 watts, two other bulbs, at 26 watts, and one flood light at 300 watts) so aprox 363 watts. But based on the specs of the switch it should be able to handle that much…

Can you describe or post a picture of the wiring and inside of box? Is this a 3 way switch, meaning two switches controlling the lights?

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That 300 watt flood bulb is most likely your issue. Try unscrewing that bulb and see if the rest work fine.