GE Z Wave Dimmer, no neutral

For that switch yes but not for aeon smart micro and smart bulb.

The aeon smart micro also requires a neutral.

It’s the older Jasco switches (now discontinued, but still in stock at many retailers) that don’t require neutrals.

Yes, aeon needs neutral but you can install it at the light fixture.


Also, there is one Cooper switch which does not require a neutral but it can only be used with incandescent bulbs, not LEDs.

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Geeze, you are like a walking wiki smarthome knowledge base! ST should hire for research and development.


Well i looked at my panel and my ground is already bonded with my neutral.

But I talked with an electrician, and he said I could use my ground for that purpose on this switch, because my ground and neutral are bonded. And it works.

Now… I have already been getting quotes for service and panel upgrades before knowing that they were bonded, but that really needs to be fixed.

I will just get those micro switches, because they would work exactly how I want them to.

Are they pretty reliable, and what are the differences between the 1st and 2nd gen?


Quite a few people are using them, you should be able to finds lots in the forums. :blush:

The new generation is smaller, which helps fit into more places, and I’m not sure, but I think they may have addressed the terminal attachment issue, which was pretty delicate in the first gen.

Heh. Walking, I wish! But thanks for the shout out. :blush:


sweet. Thanks. I would assume that the terminals would need to be robust while trying to cram them into a box.

they are added to my wish list!

Thanks again guys.

so amazon sent me the old version. (i got them in warehouse deals) and it does not require a neutral and it works just fine with my leds… cree and phillips.

are there any problems with the old style GE zwave dimmers?

Ikem… can you state the exact model number of the GE/Jasco dimmer you are using which doesn’t require a neutral and works with your Cree LEDs? I need one… thanks!


All GE/Jasco switches require a neutral. Here is the link to the device he appears to be using to resolve the issue.

The model that doesn’t require a neutral is 45612.

The GE models that don’t require a neutral have been discontinued by the manufacturer, but you can still sometimes find them.

Whether they’ll cause LEDs to flicker depends very much on usage and the specific fixture (not just the switch) which is why they’ll work for some people and not others. Usage is because some set ups get flickers at full on while others get flickers at about 20% and lower. If you only dim between 50% and 90%, as many people do, you may never see the flickers.

So the switch may be acceptable to some people, not to others, and it’s impossible to predict in advance which is why GE discontinued them.

Cooper still makes a zwave dimmer switch that doesn’t require a neutral and is intended only for incandescents. All the same issues apply. Some people will be happy using it to control LEDs, some won’t, just depends on the fixture and the usage.

Thanks guys. I ordered the GE/Jasco 45612 dimmer model, which arrived today. I don’t need the dimmer capabilities… just need something that will be full on when motion is detected and full off when not detected.

After installing the dimmer, this device is technically working without the neutral wire (since I have no neutral in the box). However, when it is “off”, the small trickle of electricity it requires to power the zwave chip is keeping the bulbs on at a very low (dim) setting. The bulbs I am using are LED: TCP RLR209W50KD LED R20 - 50 Watt Equivalent (9W) Daylight (5000K) Dimmable Flood Light

If I were using incandescent bulbs, it would probably work perfectly. @ikem - could you tell me exactly which cree bulbs you are using successfully with this dimmer? Thanks!

Can you explain how this would work?

Sorry, not really clear on your question. Do you mean how to install a micro switch at the light fixture? Because there is usually a neutral there if your line hot from the circuit breaker is routed to the light fixture instead of the switch box.

Yes, maybe I’m unclear on what a micro switch is.

It’s a little light module that you can install inside you gangbox.

This thread is two years old, but since it’s bubbled up to the top again, I just wanted to mention that as of late 2017 there is a new Z wave plus switch from GE/Jasco which is intended to work with halogen bulbs and does not require a neutral. But it will only work with incandescents or Halogens. It does not work with LED or CFL bulbs. See the following newer thread: