GE Wall Switches and IFTTT

So I recently purchased GE Wall Switches. I wanted to confirm if I can set up what im planning to do. I want to set up an IFTTT that turns on the lights in the room if motion is detected, I know I will need to purchase a motion detector also. This is fairly easy but I want to confirm that GE can be part of an IFTTT with a motion detector.

Sure as long as The motion sensor has an IFTTT service/channel.

That said, most people would just get a motion sensor which can talk directly to the smartthings hub, as that way you don’t need IFT TT at all and it will trigger the light somewhat more quickly.

But if you already have a motion sensor that you want to use that is not compatible with SmartThings but does have and IFTTT channel, such as a D-Link motion sensor, then you just access The GES which is through the SmartThings IFTTT service.

If by chance you used “IFTTT” in a sort of generic sense rather than referring specifically to the service at , then SmartThings calls those “automations.” And, yes, you can have a motion sensor trigger a GE switch. You would probably use the official smart lighting feature for this.

Which motion sensor would you recommend?

Different motion sensors have different features, it just depends on what you need for a particular use case. See the discussion in the following thread (this is a clickable link).

Note that one of the advantages of SmartThings is that it is a multiprotocol platform: you can use a zigbee or Wi-Fi or Z wave motion sensor to trigger a Z wave light switch as long as they can both talk to the smartthings hub. :sunglasses: