GE Wall Switch (45856GE) with Fan and Light Question, Safety and Possible?

Is it safe and possible to use the GE Wall Switch (45856GE) with a Fan the has a light kit. So I know that I will not be able to control the fan speed at the switch and that is fine But is safe and possible to use the switch with the light and fan in there always on position at the device and use the switch to turn off both. Thinking is that the pull switch for the fan speed is easily within reach and I and possible put some Cree bulbs. Thanks!

That model is just an on/off switch. It’s fine for control of the fan as long as you meet the load specifications. (It can handle up to 960 W)

As far as wiring both the lights and the fan motor to the switch together, it’s just going to depend on the exact wiring of the fan now, and, as mentioned, the total load.

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Cool, Thanks JD. Yes the current setup is a dumb switch control the power to the fan with a light kit.

Just curious why not spend just a couple more bucks and get the GE Smart Fan Control? You could always use it like a simple on-off application BUT it gives you the option to use fan speed control in the future. You don’t lose what you trying to do right now with the simple on-off so it’s a low investment to insure a very useful fan speed option one day.

Or for less money get the Zigbee option and control BOTH fan speed and lights separately! This is the one I think you might consider for the most flexible control.

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