Can I use a fan switch?

Just switched out an overhead light with a fan (with NO light). It uses a pull chain for fan speed selection. Is it fine to use a GE smart fan control switch in this situation? My assumption is yes, leaving the pull chain in the highest position, but I don’t know enough about fan wiring to confirm this.


If no light, then it should not be problem. That is how all my fans are done. Set it to highest speed with chain then the switch can adjust speed.


The GE Smart Fan Control Switch works the “right way” for fans, delivering a stable voltage at each switch-point so as not to confuse the fan’s internal circuitry (and cause it to burn out). Since there’s no light involved (which would dim when you used the lower fan settings), this should work for you.
(This is exactly the application for which the GE Smart Fan Control Switch was designed.)

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Thanks everyone. This is perfect. Installed and works like a…breeze.

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