GE Toggle Switch

Can someone tell me what the add-ons which is used for? I thought you can buy the primary unit then put these on for secondary lights 1234 etc. the way it looks from my perspective because they can be used only for the second switch in the three-way configuration. I don’t understand why the second switch can’t be left alone as a regular non-smart home device

I’m looking forward to your input and education. Thank you

The GEs require a master then an add-on for 3-way, 4-way set-ups etc.

There are other brands that do not require an add-on.

I’m pretty sure 3-ways don’t work the way you think. Google up some YouTube videos or web pages.

GE and most other brands require replacing both sides of a 3-way. Details differ among brands. For the GE Enbrighten Gen2, at least, the add-on is not a Z-wave device, it’s a wired remote control for the primary switch.

Zooz ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers allow replacing only the 3-way switch which has the line/power wire. The other side of the three way does not need to be replaced or rewired with these devices. They do, however, have a lower maximum load rating than others.

This diagram shows the connection of a three way using the add-on. The Add-on is a dumb device that only connects to the switch via the traveler. The only other connection is the neutral. You do not pair the add-on, the master switch controls everything. You can add multiple Add-ons if you have more than two switches for a single light. The others are wired the same way, only neutral and traveler.


It’s designed to be a lower cost option (as compared to a full on smart switch, and they are on average half the cost of another GE switch) for slave switches in a three or four or more way configuration. That’s it.

Sounds like you’re looking for a standalone button or other controller.

It boils down to the methodology through which the primary switch detects changes in position by the secondary switch. Some, like the GE, require signalling to be sent by a smart add-on switch. Others, like the Zooz and Inovelli, can detect changes in the secondary switch even if it’s a dumb switch. It’s just a matter of differences in engineering.