GE Toggle(12729) Dimmer Switch reset/default to 100?

I’m trying to have my GE Dimmer Switch default to 100% when it is turned off. I saw that it was possible with Rule Machine and a device handler in this thread.

I installed the device handler however it appears Rule Machine is no longer available. Can anyone show me how they are doing this in CORE now?

I two pistons set up however neither seem to work. One was based off of time. At 5AM, if the dimmer was off it was supposed to set brighness to 100%, it didn’t work. The other was supposed to set brightness if the light was off. It also does not work.

"This is a bit complicated, but doable.

First you need a custom device type called “Dimmer switch with reset”. You can get this from my Github, here: In your IDE, go to My Device Types, and create a new device type, select From Code, and paste that in, Save and Publish for me.

Next, for each dimmer you want to be able to change the level on at mode change, in My Devices, edit each device, and change the Type from “Dimmer switch” to “Dimmer switch with reset”. The new Device Type will be near the bottom of the list of available device types. Click Update after changing the type.

Next, in Rule Machine Expert Features (bottom of main page of Rule Machine, below Create New Rule), select one of these devices and it will look up the available commands. One of the commands is “resetLevel”. That’s the command you want. You will need a parameter for it, which should be the level you want to set the dimmer to. You will need one such command for each level you want, and each one must be Saved in the Expert Features section.

Once those are created and saved, they become available as commands in Rule Machine actions, “Run custom commands”. From this point you can just create a trigger, with the mode becoming one you want, the the action being the appropriate command you created and saved. Select the dimmers you want to set, each of which should be one that you changed the device type for. Then select the appropriate custom command for the mode change you are setting up.

That’s it."

In either CoRE or webCoRE add an action using your modified dimmer, then add a task and look down the list of commands for resetLevel, add an integer parameter, set it to 100.