GE Switch vs. Dimmer - Toggle Variety

I use GE dimmers and regular GE on/off switches.

A couple of thoughts:

  • Dimmer switches have two actions: short press (=on/off) and long press (=dim up/down)
  • Dimmers remember the dim level when turned off. E.g. in the bedroom I keep the level 50%. so when I turn the dimmer off and on again it does not brighten more than 50% (or you can set the dimmer to turn on at a certain dim level using an app)
  • On/off switches also have two modes: single tap and double tap (2 taps within about 1 second). Single tap just turns on/off. For double tap, there is the “Double Tap” app that allows you to turn on multiple switches when you double tap. (the dimmer does not have the double-tap functionality)