GE On/Off vs. Dimmer Switch

I have just purchased about 15-20 objects to put through my home, of which about 9-10 are the GE Dimmer Switch; From what I read, I can use these only for Incandescent Bulbs only; My entire home is either Hue, CFL, or Dumb LED; Should I exchange all of those for the basic on/off switches or will they be fine as is.

I appreciate your feedback in advance!

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Get yourself some On/Off switches. The dimmer switch will give you nothing but trouble with CFL and LEDs

I’ll second that. Get the on/off switches.

The dimmer switches will let a small amount of electricity through and the CFL lights will either be just barely on, or you will get a high pitched whining noise from them. FYI they also cannot be used for things like ceiling fans.

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I thought all LED bulbs were dimmable?

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They are but the dimmer switches don’t play nice with them the leviton ones may… but if you have hues why do you need a dimmer switch?

Thank you all for the feedback; I am just getting started with the proliferation of SmartThings in the house, so my questions might sound sophomoric but I always appreciate advice.

I wish I had Hues all over the house, but I’d have to auction my other kidney to get those :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the support!


This applies only to dimmers without neutral. Those that have neutral do not need a trickle current to power itself. Linear Z-Wave dimmers work remarkably well with dimmable LED bulbs.

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@chrisb I totally agree with you on this, besides other than scenes that might be possible with dimmers, you are not saving much energy at all considering you are using CFL and LED’s already. I would go with standard on/off switches. Bonus is that they come on much faster, the dimmers ramp up the light to where needed.

@geko good point. I also found that the Evolve dimmers work well with LED’s. I have not tried them with CFL however, so I do not know what happens there with them.

I have found Amazon to be pretty good with the pricing of these devices. Do not be afraid to buy from the retailers other than Amazon on the site. I have not had a problem yet with any of my purchases from them.