GE Smart In-Wall Zwave switch not working...little blue light blinking

Good question, I’ll have to leave it to the electrical experts to answer. I’m just an ordinary field tech. :sunglasses:

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I honestly don’t know the answer to this question but it’s something I haven’t done. I have been using GE/Jasco switches since 2014 and they have been rock solid except the 2017/17XX dated ones. I never got confirmation from Jasco but I suspect that is why they upped the warranty to 5 years because of a bad component in that year.


This has been my experience as well. The switch goes bad after a power outage. Sometimes killing the power and restoring fixes the issue but most time the switch need to be replaced. Even with this issue the GE smart switches are the best in my experience.

Never had good luck with innovelli they fail much more than the GEs

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I gave up on having GE replace these switches as their process is overly complicated. Throwing them away as they die and replace with something that costs a lot less and works the same.

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Anyone figure out the repair noted above. Is it a simple solder job or imposible to open these up and work on. These are failing like most tv’s that are never turned off, you get a power failure and any weak capacitors are to weak to hold the circuit. Dont confuse the blinking led with any pairing issues. Mine blinks and light don’t work, but it is still connected to ST, just the capacitor is not strong enough to hold the circuit on. If yours has failed for this issue, you will hear the relay clicking and attempting to turn on light, but fails, led on switch is about half lite vs a pairing when it blicks full bright and no clicking is heard.

If anyone has repair info or a schematic, pls forward…

Update, here’s a link with the repair…

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More warranty and repair info in video…

Mine was a date code of 1723 (2017, week 23), so outside the 5 yr extended warranty by a year. I replaced C3 (10uF) and came back to life. A little tedious, but you have nothing to loose but a $.20 capacitor.

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