GE Smart Dimmer when turned on, default to full brightness

“Execute on piston state change only” option generally works for preventing loops.

It may loop on state change still.

Maybe add a delay as the last action, for 10 seconds. Should prevent loops.

Do you use the Goodnight routine when you go to bed? If so, you can set that as the trigger instead of the switch turning off. That would prevent the looping.

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Thank you everyone for your input! I’ve overcome a limitation of the dimmer switch thanks to CoRE. I’ll definitely be using it for other things as I grow my eco system.

What did you end up doing?

I ended up choosing to have the dimmers reset once per day, at 4:15AM. The reason for choosing that time is the lights do briefly flash on reset, but you don’t notice it while you’re sleeping. Then the dimmers are fresh and ready at 100% for the walk to the coffee maker (haven’t added that to ST yet :slight_smile:) in the morning. Piston looks like this: