GE Link Won't Reset

Hey guys, I just bought a few new GE Link bulbs (par38), but one of them will not reset, and I cannot connect it to my Hue bridge. (Yes I know this isn’t the hue forums, but I’ve gathered that the most knowledgeable of the smart home folks are here)

Any ideas? Is my only option to return it?

I’m sure that’s annoying. :rage: If it won’t reset, return it. It happens.

I figured as much, but didn’t know if there was a DIY method of manually resetting the damn thing. Does anyone know how good the warranty service is for the GE Link bulbs? I bought them on the cheap from an ebay seller. Worst case I have to buy another one and am out $10. Could be worse!

You tried the blink reset, right?

Buying from eBay is iffy on home automation devices… Some of them are counterfeits, some of them are in the wrong boxes, and it’s very common that manufacturers will not honor the warranty because they consider the devices used.

Indeed I did. It worked for the other two, and they’re connected just fine. I have some other GE Link bulbs that I got from target to compare them to. Packaging and bulbs are identical, I think I just got a dud

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It happens, even if you buy them from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Occasionally you get a bad one. Annoying, though.

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This happened to me this weekend as well! I won’t feel as bad when I return it now :slight_smile: