GE Link light bulb issues

The hub is close enough but the issue just started after working for several weeks. Not sure why that would be an issue all of a sudden and zigbee is a mesh so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Have you tried to re-add them? That is what I have to do when it falls off the network. You could also power down the hub, and wait for 15 mins (causes ZigBee devices to go in to a search mode) this might bring it back if you are not able to exlude and re-include them to your ST hub

Remember that Zigbee uses 2.4 ghz standard the same that your hub uses. Getting it away from your router may improve connectivity with Zigbee Devices.

I readded one and it isn’t working. I rebooted the hub about 20 minutes ago and not difference.

The hub is on a different side of the house than the router. Thanks though. That was good feedback.

GE links have a known firmware problem which causes them to occasionally forget who their controller is. (This flaw is why they aren’t on the official “works with SmartThings” list.)

The following may help:


This was great. I was able to get 3/4 light online. Question - is there a way to know when these lights or devices (like WeMo) fail without me just realizing that the lights have been on for several days without its schedules?

Nope, sadly not. I keep meaning to drag my Wink hub out of storage and see if it’ll update the firmware on my Links but ST will probably implement OTA updates before I can be bothered :smiley:

yeah, links are currently junk with smartthings (I have a bunch) - some work completely solid and some drop off like flies - and then I have to reset and re-pair them and often they pair as the original device - its weird. Anyways someone said there was supposed to be a OTA update for them in november…that didn’t happen…so hopefully much sooner - sick of them dropping and flickering for no reason!

Ya I use osram.instead
They r just not reliable.

I sold my wink hub. So many issue with it disconnecting, forgetting devices, inconsistent and losing network connection. It was not ready for prime time. I went back to Vers before I switch to ST v2.

I put my GE links on Hue hub and my problems of dropping bulbs or bulbs not dimming or coming on when they shouldn’t have stopped! Both Wink and ST are terrible!

I only have a couple Link bulbs and have only had them for a couple weeks with no issues so far.

Oh yeah I despise Wink with a passion.

Just switch them off for 15-20 minutes and then turn them back on and they’ll be fine.

That’s great! We are both happy :smile:

I too have issues with GE Link bulbs, I have 3 and only two seem to work consistently. The 3rd ‘rogue’ bulb will not turn off on schedule, but if I manually go to the app and force it off, it will continue the day properly turning on at 10% @sundown, then an hour later 100% and finally back to 10% at midnight, but at sunrise when it’s time to turn off, it just refuses. I’ve uninstalled and re-attached a dozen times, switched bulbs from one lamp to another too. There is no rhyme or reason, never the same bulb, never the same lamp but once it starts (which usually takes a week or so) it’s just that ONE bulb that has issues.

Followed instructions here: FAQ: GE Link Bulbs Dropped Offline

Worked for a few days then stopped working again. The app sees it but cannot control them. Very frustrating. I understand that they aren’t on the list but I have them and unless I was able to swap them with cree’s I cannot replace all of them.

My Quirky GE Link bulbs have been fine for me since install, even with the occasional “whoops I turned it off” from some of the other people in the house. I do wish there was some consistency in this that we could pin down.

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It’s a firmware issue in the bulbs that GE have acknowledge and are supposedly working on/have a firmware fix.

Unfortunately even if they do, ST cannot currently do OTA ZigBee firmware updates, they might in the future but not at the moment.

So how would we be able to push out the firmware to the bulbs?