Ge link bullb dim rate?


i noticed today that when I have a gelink connected to hue hub that they slowly come on and slowly go off but when connected to the ST hub its instant on and off. is that a setting i can change?

(Benji) #2

Yes If you go into the settings for the device you can change the ‘Dim Rate’ speed.


it didnt seem to have any affect when turning on/off unless i didnt wait long enough for the change to happen

i have it set for very slow and yes but no affect

(Benji) #4

Did you click ‘Done’ at the top right or the back ‘arrow’ at the top left?


definitely selected done. odd it worked straight out when on hue but not on ST


never mind working now but im 100% sure i hit done the first time. damn cloud based apps…

(Benji) #7

I guess it depends on how the specific hub wants to implement it. Things may have changed since I last used Wink but at the time, there wasn’t even an option to change it, it would just turn instantly on or instantly off with no way of changing it.