Dim rate gone?

(esung) #1

I recently added TCP and GE link bulbs to SM, and I remember seeing the ‘dim rate’ ranging from instant to very slow. Now I want to change it but when I go to things / bulb / edit device I only see ‘step size’. Did smarthings just change dim rate to this ambiguous parameter? Or am I missing something? (iOS latest os and app)

(Benji) #2

I still have the dim rate settings on my GE Link bulbs connected directly to the ST hub, what’s SM?

(esung) #3

Ah you’re right. GE link bulbs has the dim rate but TCP bulbs don’t. I guess I remembered it wrong. But I hope TCP lights get the same settings, not just directly connected zigbee bulbs.


(oh and I meant ST not SM for smartthings :slight_smile: )