GE LED Bulbs on Clearance - Home Depot (not the smart bulbs)

Stopped at my local Home Depot this morning to pick up some wall plates for new switches and in their clearance section they had a ton of GE LED bulbs all on clearance. Talk to an employee who said they’re bringing in Sylvania branded stuff and all the GE branded stuff is being cleared out.

Too much stuff to list so here’s a picture. On average the LED bulbs are $2 each.

Edit: actually one of the best deals is a standard base 60 W relax bulb. A two pack is $2.02. I don’t need them at all but I’m buying five boxes just in case.


Be aware unless they specify dimmable, they are not.

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The majority are including the ones that were $2.02 for a two pack. Hence me buying 5 packs…thats a pretty good deal.

Nice, I’ll have to go check my store out to see what they have in daylight models, as we aren’t a soft white house.