GE Link Bulb won't pair (new "Daylight" model)

The daylight bulbs don’t automatically use the right device handler. If you go and change them to the GE Link handler they should work.

i had to change them to the ge link device handler to get them to work at all, when they paired up they were being seen as just a thing. like i said they work great but the status doesnt update if i turn them on with the lutron remote, but the soft white ge links do.

I bought 5 ge link lights, one of them is a daylight version. 4 of them connected fine, first try. the daylight one shows as unknown. I have tried resetting the bulb and no luck, changed lamps, and still nothing. Any suggestion please

Most of my GE Link Bulbs did the same thing so all you need to do is:

  1. Go into the My Devices screen of the IDE
  2. Click the one showing up as Thing
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Change the Device Type to GE Link Bulb.
  5. Click the Update button

I had one of six Iris Contact Sensors do that “Thing” yesterday. This is the first time in 50 devices I have seen this. I hope it’s not a new trend :confounded: But the solution above will fix it. I was curious and removed and added three times before it came up correctly.

Hello hope all are well i just purchased a GE link Light bulb and i have reset it several times and it still will not link to my Smartthings 2nd gen . And it’s driving me nuts i was wondering do i need a firmware update to be able to pick out the light bulb manually from a new GE app that might appear with a new firmware update or do i have to keep trying to go old school and find another method of pairing ???

By “light” do you mean the “daylight” model?

If so, see the following thread:

However, if you meant “Life,” those are the new C series. They are Bluetooth, not zigbee, and don’t work with SmartThings.

Do you have the model number?

There daylight ,

OK, daylight will work, but there’s an extra step. See the thread I linked to above and it will tell you what to do. :sunglasses:

Mines blinks three times and it wont pair or it will say thing as well i looked at the first thread that your wrote but didnt see anything let me check again if its the part about changing the status from thing to its name how can i do that ?

Ok i just found the part in the thread that says you have to change it in ide but for some reason there’s nothing there and when i check on my hub it tells me that i habe to claim my hub on my app but in my app it says its connected so what do i do ?

Sorry, I don’t know that one.

Tagging @slagle , he should be able to help.

You can also email

I already emaild them got a confirmation email and waiting for a reply but its showind a thing connected but it still doens find anything in the ide :sob:

Question can the comcast xfinity sensors and cam work the same ? They show up as things as well when they connect if changed in ide can they be fixed that way ?

No, unfortunately the xfinity sensors use a proprietary zigbee and cannot talk to the smartthings hub. Same as the Rogers. See:

I don’t understand how you can connect the device if it thinks you don’t have a hub.

By any chance do you have the UK version of the hub?

I orderd it from amazon came quickly so not sure but i do live in the us and the shipping address is from the us domt kno if they just slipped it in tnere while shipping tho . I domt get it either my iphone and my wifes are paird as sensors and tbey work great . I bought the light bulb today so i might give up on it i wish i can find a 2016 list if compatible light bulbs for cheap so i could exchange it at home depo tomorrow if i cant get it to work in the am maybey it’s because its not showing the hun tho i habe the 2nd gen