GE/Jasco Switch On/Off/Neutral or multiple press possible?

A bit of an odd setup, but I am using a GE/Jasco in my house to control (using CORE) both the garage door opener and the garage lights, so that if I press the switch down it closes the garage door and turns off the lights, and if I press the switch up it opens the garage door and turns the lights on.
This works well enough except that sometimes the lights are on because I manually changed them, the garage door is closed, which means that the house switch is set to OFF, and no matter how many times I press the house switch off, it will not send another signal to turn off the lights.

So the question is, could a new device handler for the house switch be written to allow for on, off, and neutral states, and then I can just keep reverting back to neutral after each press, or to somehow allow multiple off commands, or is that a limitation of the physical switch?

Possibly since your using GE, you could get this to work for you?

Not sure how well it works I personally don’t use it.

Another possibility is a different switch lime the Homeseer that send scene commands and has multi tap built into it?

I don’t have one of these yet. Just haven’tgotten around to it. I’m sure there are even more ways to do this.
I’m no expert but i dont think the GE switches are designed to send another off command or possibly the system just ignores the state change since it thinks the switch is already on or off?

I’m sure smarter people will chime in with details.

As I understand, the GE switches do send another off but the handler ignores it since it is not a state change. I’m not certain on that though. If that is the case, perhaps a simple DTH modification would work.

Otherwise, @TN_Oldman’s suggestions are a good start. You could also try one of the new GE Z-Wave plus switches as well. They also support double tap natively. Here is the DTH.

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No luck with the custom handler. Made sure that switch was one of the z-wave plus switches.

I’d like to keep using a paddle switch for appearances; Can anyone point me to (and confirm) that a different switch would work?