GE / Jasco In-Wall Switch Model 45856


I have recently bought a 45856GE that I assume is fresh out of the market and only available at BestBuy online. The switch is Zigbee certified. I can successfully paired with ST app. I can also turn it on and turn it off. Unfortunately, it is not giving the correct status at all. It will reports OFF when it is actually ON. Off/On triggering works flawlessly. The original paired device type was “SmartPower outlet”

I have tried played with other similar Zigbee device type, from Centralite (Zigbee) outlet, to Zigbee Dimmer, then to the community-built “GE Bulb with correct ON status”.

The GE Bulb with ON status one actually works best, the refresh button actually will update the right status. Unfortunately, when I exit the app, load up the dashboard where every “things” is refreshing its status again, this switch will not pull the correct status.

Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I know very little about those code, I can do copy and paste, but writing those…

Any help is appreciated. Or should I return this item for good?

@OnlyWK1, I think you’d be better off with GE’s zwave switches from Lowe’s (where they sell Iris stuff), plus they’re a whole lot cheaper ($34.99) and work very well.

Why did you decide on this switch?

I chose this because it is a Zigbee switch and my whole house is all Zigbee devices, no Z-wave. I heard horror posts from here about pairing Z-wave devices so trying to stay away from it.

I tried Live Logging from ST IDE. I think I narrowed it down to what happened, it is exactly the same as the GE bulb (ON status).

If I turn ON the light from the app, it sends a 0100 code to the device.
If I turn OFF the light from the app, it sends a 0000 code to the device.
If I turn ON the light from the SWITCH itself, it sends a “0000001001”? code to the device, but ST app doesn’t read anything past the fourth digits. Same applies to OFF. So the app doesn’t poll/auto-refresh if the switch is manually turned on/off from the switch.

Is there a way to overcome this and have ST “poll” such info when we refresh the ST dashboard from the app? I’ve tried using your GE Bulb V2 code, the “refresh button” works wonderfully with it, it gives correct status but only when hit refresh. I tried to replace “def poll” section from your code with “refresh ()” but it will not read the refresh def if I poll the device (by pulling down the things dashboard on the app).

Any suggestions?

@OnlyWK1, ok that makes sense. Zwave isn’t as bad as it seems as long as you properly add/remove devices and have a healthy mesh.

I would recommend using the GE Bulb code as you’ve done, maybe rename it to be more relevant to your device, and use the Pollster SmartApp. That’s what I use for all my GE bulbs and I set polling to 1 minute. Works really great until ST folks can develop a device type specific to your switch.

Well. I guess as soon as ST fixes the GE Bulb code officially (more popular), I can “steal” that for the switch (less popular). I think I paid the higher Zigbee price to be a guinea pig.

Thanks for your generous help and guidance. Happy New Year!!!

@OnlyWK1, :smile: no worries glad I could help in some way. Happy New Year!

so @OnlyWK1, how’s the 45856GE working for you? I see it is still available from Best Buy (anyone see a better price?). I’m in need of a Zigbee repeater. There is a switch in the location where I want to put it. I thought about getting this switch to kill two birds with one stone, added switch and a repeater!

Well I bought one. Seems a bit expansive compared to the Z-Wave but I need Zigbee for this switch.

So it’s installed, but ST is not updating when the physical switch is used. Any ideas?

EDIT: I guess this is the same issue as @OnlyWK1 is having. Any new ideas?

Hey Curtis,

Any update to this switch since your last post? Does ST now update properly to the status? Looking around at switches atm.