GE In-Wall Toggle Switch - Auto off

(Sid) #1

I’m very new to Smartthings (actually waiting until the v2 hub comes out) and I have a question about using the GE In-Wall Toggle Switch with Smartthings. Is it possible to use the Smartthings hub to automatically turn off the switch after it is powered on at the switch? My specific use case for this would be a bathroom vent, where I can hit to switch in the bathroom when using the shower, and have Smartthings automatically turn it off after 1 hour.

(Bobby) #2

Yes, it’s actually very easy. You are prompted to schedule actions as soon as you add the switch to the hub.(assuming that your switch is z-wave or zigbee)


@sid, yes you can. There are a couple ways to do this when you set up the switch in the Dashboard under Lights & Switches.

You can have the light/switch turn off after a certain amount of time, off when humidity levels reach a desired % (I do that), off when no motion, etc.

(Micheal ) #4

This code might help you when you finally get your hub: