Ge bulbs keep dropping off

Anyone have any suggestions for the GE bulbs that came with the link hub? They work for weeks at time then just stop working. They are in outdoor fixtures on my porch so it is a surpreme pita to unscrew the fixtures covers and reset the bulbs.

Yes, I recommend doing a search of the forum and you will find all kinds of information about this very thing.

And welcome to the forum!

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GE Link bulbs are extremely problematic on Smartthings platform to the point that this morning I removed them from my ST environment and am now using zWave switch outlets to control them. I lost power in my home yesterday for about 8 hours and my bulbs completely lost their pairing. This is the second time that this has happened in the last year and is a major annoyance. Also, everytime I lose power for a short period of time, I have to re-sync them by turning them off and back on and then using ST to shut them off again.

I am at the point now, where I am removing anything unreliable that I have alternatives for such as these bulbs. (except for my patio light which I don’t have an alternative for yet).

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When I first started with HA I invested heavily in bulbs… But quickly changed that to switches, for this exact reason.


Well that is my issue. Most of switches besides a couple 3 ways don’t have a neutral. :frowning:

GE Links do have that tendency to drop off the platform. When was the last time you updated them through a Link or Wink hub? They push updates to the firmware that help in stabilizing them. Granted, I only have 1 daylight GE Link bulb, but it has never gone offline.
Also, most people report having better success by pairing them through the Hue bridge.

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I don’t have a Wink or Link hub to update them. However, I do have a Hue hub which I can pair them to. I completely forgot about that. I read somehwhere a couple of months ago that Hue decided to drop connectivity to third party bulbs but there was an uproar and they allowed them again. Do you know if you pair them to the Hue hub if they also turn on when Power is lost?

I have mixed witched and Hue bulbs. The switches are very reliable, and if they “fail” I can just go back to the old way of hitting it, so it is barely an inconvenience.

For single bulbs, which I only have Hues, I use the Hue bridge and they are fairly reliable also. The problem is if a rule fails I don’t have an easy backup. I have a few bulbs in my night stands with an Aeon remote to turn off/on, and they work 95% of the time.

The turn on with Power loss is in the Bulbs firmware, so behavior should stay the same.

Unfortunately, there is no OTA update for the Link bulbs available through the Wink hub.

i feel your pain. :scream: Unfortunately, the GE bulbs have a firmware error (which GE has acknowledged) which means that sometimes they do lose connection to the network. Any network, including the Hue bridge. It’s nothing to do with SmartThings, but it is the reason why those bulbs are not on the official “works With SmartThings” list. Some people will have no problems, some people will have a lot of problems, it’s just unpredictable. I changed out all of my GE links for the $15 hue whites just to get rid of that problem. It wasn’t all the bulbs all the time, it was just once every couple of weeks, but it was a lot of effort for me to resolve each time. But other people may not care as much.

The following FAQ discusses what to do what to do once they have dropped off.

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Thanks. I currently have 5 GE Link bulbs, and the 2 I most cared about are now on switches, the other 2 in my bedroom I don’t care about, and the last one is on my deck, which I care about. I won’t bother switching it to Hue if they have the same issues there.

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Really? I really thought they updated them, from what I read in the Wink users group. Now I’m curious.

I would love to be proved wrong on that. Maybe they use a different mechanism than the other ZigBee firmware updates, but I could not find any OTA images in the current Wink firmware for the GE Link bulbs.

Okay, so I just had a chat with Wink’s support. The guy said the GE Links do receive firmware updates once they are connected to the Wink hub. He didn’t specify if they receive it after you continue to have them paired, and he did say that the firmware comes from the GE Lighting division, and not from them directly.

Don’t know if this helps anyone, but it might be worth a try for some???

The devices that definitely do have firmware updates are:

./root/platform/zigbee-ota-images/ETI_Downlight-v12-GA.ota ./root/platform/zigbee-ota-images/zhaOutlet_smartOutlet_12_18_2014_0x01020007.ota ./root/platform/zigbee-ota-images/zhaRGBW_EF_YK02_10_02_15_EZmode151015.ota ./root/platform/zigbee-ota-images/zhaSwitch_smartSwitch_1.2.1.16.ota ./root/platform/zigbee-ota-images/Tripper_0X18.ota
Maybe they’re distributed differently…
I have a couple of really old GE Links that I’ve never connected to Wink. I’ll have to connect them up and check the firmware before and after some time this week. Worth a shot.

Do you have a rooted Wink hub with the older firmware, or is it updated?

It is rooted and last I checked it was current. I actually pulled that list out of the current image on their update server.

Oh, okay. I didn’t know if you could update the firmware after rooting it. Please let us know how it goes.