Cbyge toggle switch not compatible with ST

I ordered a new cbyge toggle switch no neutral required I was tired of running neutral wires to my switches and thought finally…
so they say they are not compatible with ST even though its a zigbee zwave switch??? anyideas

They are neither zigbee nor zwave: they’re Bluetooth. And, yes, unfortunately not compatible with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

Any zigbee or Z wave switch would say “requires hub” somewhere in its description.

They also have Wi-Fi, so you can write to GE and ask if they are planning to add smartthings integration. At this point cloud to cloud integrations are the responsibility of the device manufacturer.

Do these switches work with Smartthings?
Our wired switches are not compatible with Smartthings.


you are correct I can’t believe I missed that I looked at the older ones before and just happened to see the no neutral version.
curious does the older GE version have zwave?

so smart things found the device said it was insecure I assume it didn’t know how to handle it since I told ST it was a zwave device would a DH be able to control it?

Thanks, as usual, you were very fast to response
guess I need to do some research I’m guessing cbyge doesn’t work with hue or st or any hub i currently have

If you’re looking for a no-neutral option that works with SmartThings, inovelli, Lutron Caseta and Aqara make models that work.