GE Add-On Switch Failed?

Last night, one of my lights was acting weird. I would turn it off and it would come back on at about 50%. I could no longer control it from the add-on switch, but could from the main. However, any change would revert back to 50% about 30 seconds later. I disconnected the add-on, and the main works correctly again.
Powered at main. 3 conductors (+ground) to the light with traveler and neutral passing on to the add-on. The extra conductor between light and add-on is capped at both ends. I get 120V across neutral and traveler at add-on. Ground is good.

Anyone experience a similar issue?

I have removed this post after @ritchierich ‘s note below. I thank him for the correction. :sunglasses:

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It’s been in place and functioning correctly for 5 years.
If that’s the case, that the traveler should not have 120v, then perhaps the problem is with the main and not the add-on.

Could be. :man_shrugging:t2:

This isn’t correct. The GE switches always send 120V through the traveler wire to the Aux switches.

I have had a 2 Aux switches fail over my 9 year journey using GE/Jasco switches. Similar situation as you describe and simply replacing the Aux switch solves the issue. Aux switches last a long time, I still have many installed that I purchased 8 or so years ago when Lowes was discounting their stock as new models were coming out.

If you bought the Aux within the last 5 years call Jasco support and they will replace it under warranty.


Thank you for the correction! I will remove my post above.

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Thanks. I have a new one arriving tomorrow. Will update after I replace.

Every switch/dimmer/fan controller in my house is a GE or Honeywell ZW+ device (except the garbage disposal of course). Most are pushing 6+ years in age. I’ve only ever had to replace 1 device before, and Jasco sent a free replacement. I didn’t feel it necessary to even ask this time, especially when I can get one in 2 days from Amazon for $15. I will always use/recommend their products!


Replacement is installed, and everything is back to normal.

I went with the UltraPro variant (another rebranded Jasco device). It’s a newer model than my old switches. The paddle seems very tight with no play at all compared to all of my other switches. I see these are manufactured in Malaysia vs GE’s which come from China. Are they all tight like this now or will the GE’s be any different?


Jasco is the manufacturer of both GE and UltraPro Zigbee and Zwave switches. I had a ton of 2017 vintage switches that had the capacitor issue and failed. Most have been replaced under the 5 year warranty. All the new ones are “tight” as you describe.