GE 3 Way Smart Switches

Alright so I really need some help on this one, Thank you in advance! I have a 4 gang box in my downstairs hallway that control my 1. outside lights (single pole) 2. Hall lights downstairs (3 way) 3. Hall lights upstairs (3 way) 4. switch that is connected but does not control anything. There is 6 wires coming into the box. 3 wires to the switches and I assume 3 other wires feeding other outlets/switches. Switch 1,3 and 4 are one the same circuit and are daisy chained together (black hot wire). The second switch is on a separate circuit. I found this out because when I turned off the breaker to the switch box the second switch was still live and the other 3 were off. I bought GE smart switches (two single pole and two 3 way switches with add on switches) to replace them. My questions:

When wiring can I keep the daisy chain for the line and pigtail in the neutral and daisy chain that as well to the 3 switches on the same circuits?

Do I just swap out the switch on the separate circuit and add a neutral pigtail from the bundle?

Where do I connect the other three sets of wires on the switch, to the traveler port?