GE 12729 Switch

Local Lowes do not have the GE 12727 switches or the new replacement ones. Will a 12729 work in its place?

Just depends on what you want to use it for.

GE 12727 is a toggle form master on/off switch

GE12729 is a toggle form master dimmer switch (you toggle up and hold for dimming)

Both would work fine just for lights. But if you want the switch to control something with a motor, such as a fan, you should not use the dimmer switch for that as the physics are different.

You should also be aware that both of these models, and anything else that starts with a 12, is being phased out in favor of newer models which start with a 14.

The new GE toggle on/off zwave plus on/off switch will be the 14292, but not very many places are carrying it yet. So you may just have run into the situation where they had sold out of the old model but hadn’t gotten the new models in yet.


All I am going to use it for is an on off for my front door light. I have a cree bulb out there now but having problems keeping it connected.
So just on off

Depending on geometry, you may have the same connection problem with the switch (my porch light is six feet from the switch; however, the difference from my hub is ~3 feet). I would surly want to know why the zigbee Cree is having the problem and assure myself that the z-wave switch would not have a similar problem.

Also, if you put in the switch, I would also replace the Cree with a standard LED bulb (and use the Cree elsewhere). Reduced complexity reduces possibility or problems.

I think the Cree bulb because it is outside but out of the weather is building up crud & corrosion inside. It has been outside a year maybe more & the heat & humidity in Florida takes it’s toll.
I plan on replacing the Cree bulb with a LED.
My concern is making sure switch will work as it is not the normal 12727 I normally use & can not find the new replacement.

I looked on Amazon today and they indicated that they have the 12727. And the used one is 4 dollars cheaper from Amazon Warehouse (these are customer returns and I have had great success with used items from Amazon Warehouse - usually returned w/o being installed).

Thanks I saw that & thinking of ordering 1or2