Gate control via Ring: suggestions welcome

Have 3 gates to control. The requirements for the rear gate for the client is simple and not part of this discussion.

Front has a loop driveway with 2 gates, The gates were originally controlled via telephone interface to a call box. Connection was made via cat6 wire laid underground from home to one of the gates. All of the control devices have failed (various power strikes etc) as well as the openers. So, time for upgrade for all.

Home is not automated yet, but is large. Need ability to see/hear car at the gate, allow for remote open. This would allow for deliveries to the door and visitors. Client was interested in a Ring Video doorbell or similar but not interested in the typical $2K security control systems that provide RF type security access. Problems with the layout are that wifi signals to the gates are weak and would need assistance.

So, simple first cut thought:
Install Ring in place of original call box. Ring would be wired to home doorbell to allow for this type of signaling as well as power supply. This would be achieved through two pair on the cat6. The other Cat6 two pair would be wired to the gate opener(s) and connected via a relay controlled via IFTTT or eventual hub. Would likely need a directional antenna to help extend the wifi signal to the call box. In theory, Ring to IFTTT would allow for two applets. One applet would be used for a timed opening of the gate for deliveries. Truck enters, drops off package, and immediately departs and gates close soon after. The other applet would be on/off to provide for long term control of length of opening (i.e. visitors or workmen) Likely would also provide a physical button at the door interior to allow for manual control of the gate (instead of hunting down the remote, phone, laptop, etc)


  1. would need a simple smartplug that would power a relay for the momentary switch needed to control the openers. Other device?
  2. Would Ring work with a directional wifi antenna?
  3. Can it be done effectively hubless?

Sounds like an interesting project. :sunglasses:

Speaking just for myself, I wouldn’t put gate control on anything that requires the cloud unless there is also a local backup. So that includes IFTTT. Local option might have fewer features, maybe even no video, but I would still like a way to open the gates when the Internet was not available.

Smart door locks provide a good model for this. Most have three methods of operation: locally just from the keypad on the lock, directly from their own app, or through an integrated home automation system which may require the Internet.

Also, this is an international forum: what country will this be deployed in? Both ring and WeMo are available in both the US and UK, but other device options will vary.

Backup is the standard remote that comes with the gate opener, had that covered. Have enough other ideas to present a ST hub proposal, but need to get thorough this first.

Other option was to operate gate via a long range remote. They would require a myq,other type ifttt interface and it’s not clear that these type WiFi opener controls operate at the same freq of the long range remotes (have not researched it yet).

Third option was to piggy back on the directional antenna and put the 12vdc relay in some box at the opener. Not sure if the opener electronics would interfere with the WiFi

Hey did you figure this out? I’m trying to do the same thing but haven’t figured out how

hi same thing need to conect x2 gate systems and are too far from house for wifi .
what i know so far
using a ring doorbell connected via wifi to a broadband dongle and sim then a wifi ifttt 2 relay module there are various relay modules out there but dont know which is most compatible with ring and what i can get in uk

Don’t know if you guys are still looking into this but i solved it by buying a GSM doorbell with gate opener functionality. You ring the doorbell and it will open - alternatively if they’ve rung you by pressing the call button on the doorbell then you just press the # key and it will open the gate. negative side is that i didn’t get a video one, only voice but it works
This was great because you set it up to ring a phone number rather than relying on an app and it’s over GSM so no need to worry about wifi dongles etc.

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