Automatically open gate when the car is near

I live in a gated community. We use the Multi Code 3089 remote to open our gate. Can you suggest a way to automatically open the gate when the car is near? I cant modify the devices on the gate because it belongs to the community. So, I am thinking of a SmartThings device that can be installed in my car or phone and detects when I am near the gate. It then send RF signal to open the gate (the same way I press the button on the remote).

thanks in advance

Maybe this post will help.

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Engineering problems are best solved when Q&A’s are broken down.

  1. How to detect you are near the community gate?
    Will your phone’s GPS be accurate enough?
    Maybe place an BLE iBeacon near the Gate to trigger your phone, to then trigger the SmartThing device that triggers the Gate?
  2. How to trigger the Gate?
    Hack an existing Multi Code 3089 remote and use a ThingShield? (aka Use the ThingShield to mimic pressing the button).
  3. If you use a ThingShield, where will you keep it? In the car seems silly; you already have a gate remote in the car… If you keep it a home, does the remote have enough range to trigger the community gate?
  4. Can the ThingShield be placed near the Gate? Will the ThingShield now be able to talk to your SmarthingThings Hub at your house?
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IMO not worth the effort. Press the remote button you already have.

My parents live in a gated community. Their system uses an RFID tag that they attach to the inside of their windshield. As their car approaches the gate, the system automagically opens the gate. Perhaps you could convince your community to upgrade the gate to such a system?

I doubt the community would be thrilled to have the gate randomly opening whenever SmartThings has one of its “presence detector” moments… :smile:

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