Gate control question

I would like to open the gate to my house. It is 150’ away, so my mesh doesn’t work that far. The gate controller is actually at the house. Currently I am using x10 to do it and it does work, but x10 sometimes is a little flaky. The cars homelink actually will send out a x10 signal and it allows us to open/close the gate using the cars homelink buttons. I would like to add the function of using google home to give the gate open/close verbal commands from inside the house. I am aware that x10 and smartthings don’t talk to each other. Beings that these 2 systems can’t talk to each other they don’t know what each other is doing. So my proposal is I have 2 x10 universal modules that when they see a signal they can close a momentary contact (one for open and one for close)

Option 1. This momentary contact closure could be used to send a signal to a door/window sensor remote terminals that could tell ST to open or close a relay.

Option 2 Use a dual input relay that could open or close it’s contacts. In playing around with a relay that I have a cheap monoprice one, it always changes the state of the contacts opposite of it;s current position. This creates a problem in that the x10 vs goggle home commands put the relay out of sink with each other or multiple cars sending signals.

I would prefer using the relay option so the batteries aren’t an issue and it improves my mesh network.

Dose anyone know of a relay that can use momentary contacts and when input 1 sees a closure it always closes the contact 1. Then when input 2 sees a closure it always opens contact 1?