Garbage day collection - bulb color


Hoping for some advice as i’m brand new to ST

I have a spare colour bulb that I would like to light up a certain colour the day before collection

I have a pdf with all dates but unsure how I can make an automation with this

Any help is massively appreciated

Brand and model of the bulb?

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You can set up an “automation” here is a sample one I set up .

Hope this helps

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V3 hub and its a yeelight bulb. The yeelight rgb bulbs have worked great for me so far which I didnt expect as they’re wifi bulbs to my knowledge

Thanks Shanapadila. Definitely useful but the bin schedule isnt as simple as that. For example it goes:

Green bin - every 2nd Thursday
Brown bin -every 1st Friday
Blue bin - every 3rd Saturday

To make things more confusing, holidays can mess up the day of pickup as well

As I said I do have a pdf of pickup dates and can manuallu add all dates if needed. But the automation you’ve shown there seems limited in that respect

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At this point, I think the easiest way to do this will be with Webcore, which can handle much more complex automations than the official app, including calendar-based ones.

It’s very popular: so popular in fact that they have their own forum. It’s a little complicated to set up, but there are lots of people over there who will be glad to help you, and to help you design this particular automation.

See the community FAQ. (The topic titled is a clickable link)

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