Garage Door w/ FS20Z-1 opened on electricity outage

New to Smartthings in the past couple months. Love it. Setup a garage door opener with FS20Z and it works great. Have had zero issue. Last night I was out when a storm came through. Upon arriving home my door was open. I did not realize this since my phone was on vibrate. The issue was the power went out as the clocks were flashing. Can power outages cause the FS20Z to open? I am positive I closed it.

My smarthome monitor still was armed and set to away - though it showed intrusion with garage door which makes sense since it was open. Still was very unnerving to pull in and see it open.

Are there easy ways to rectify? Motion sensor to auto close? Close automatically after 10 minutes at certain times of day?

Check the heartbeat info for the door sensor; maybe you actually forgot it open? Seems pretty odd it’d open on power outage, but I don’t have that device, so I can’t comment on that aspect.

A power outage should not cause that Relay to do anything one way or the other.

The only devices that are typically affected by a power outage are zigbee lightbulbs, which usually come on the full bright when power is restored. Everything else should be just where it was when the power went off.

If you have a phone which loses power and then comes back on power, that might trigger your “I’m home” events, but that’s a different kind of problem.

It could just be a coincidence, but other people have been reporting poltergeist events, including some garage doors opening, over the last couple of days:

Make sure you report it to support. They can check the logs and see what triggered the garage door.

I have no smart integration on my garage door (other than a tilt sensor), and have woken up numerous times to an open garage door in the morning. Not sure why - could be a malfunction with my opener, could be someone driving by with a magic opener opening everyone’s garage doors, could be someone knows my outdoor keypad pin, could be one of us just forgot to close it.

Anyway, my tilt sensor is now in place so I know exactly when and why it opened, and I setup IFTTT to text then call me if it’s the middle of the night and it happens. I won’t miss that.

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When my hub finished update today and my garage door controller was reconnected, it triggered the opening of the garage door.

That’s kind of scary - I have never had mine open when I didn’t want it to open but now I’m glad that I have a notification set up to let me know when its been open for more then 30 minutes… I might reduce that to 5 minutes now.

I also have a camera set up that I can view the door to know for sure its closed. This thread just made me check it :slight_smile: